The recycling policy of our brand is based on environmental sustainability and efficient use of resources. Within the framework of this policy, we aim to minimise waste in our production processes and encourage the use of recyclable materials.

In our production facilities, waste management processes are meticulously monitored and various measures are taken to minimise waste generation. Materials that are suitable for recycling are processed through waste separation and recycling systems and brought back into use.

TAHAWASH pressure washers represent the highest level of quality in the industry. Our machines are designed to provide years of proven durability and efficient performance. Meticulous attention is paid to every detail and high quality standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process.

The original Italian parts used in our products have been carefully selected to ensure reliability and long life. These parts guarantee continuous and trouble-free operation of our machines. The quality and durability brought by original parts make TAHAWASH pressure washers stand out from their competitors.

We contribute to a secure future by protecting natural resources. We protect the environment and people with our production and develop consumer and nature-friendly products. We make today clean and reliable for a livable tomorrow.

While continuing our production, we strive to leave a livable world for future generations and meet the needs of our customers without disturbing the ecological balance.

Social Contribution and People-Oriented Service

Tahawash not only operates as a non-profit organisation, but also takes a pioneering role in giving back to society by supporting various social projects in recognition of its social responsibility. It aims to contribute to the welfare of society by operating in a wide range of areas from education to health, environmental protection to social assistance. It also continues its efforts to ensure respect for labour and social justice by making sure that employees have fair working conditions.

Company Policy

Tahawash has established its company policy on environmental awareness, quality and ethical values. It continuously invests in R&D activities to improve the quality of its products and services and prioritises customer satisfaction. In addition, it establishes a solid relationship with its customers, business partners and society through transparent and honest communication.

Tahawash is recognised not only as a manufacturer in the industrial cleaning machinery sector, but also as an environmentally friendly and contributing leader to society, and adopts the mission of leaving a livable world to future generations at the highest level.

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We Proceed with the Principle of Sustainability at Every Step

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We adopt an environmentally friendly production approach for a sustainable future. We follow an environmentally friendly attitude and support a sustainable future with the technology we use and the service we offer.

We support sustainable tomorrows with the environmentally friendly technology we use. We do not harm the environment with our environmentally friendly products by preventing pollution from its source.

We protect nature while meeting the needs of our customers with the environmentally friendly service we offer. Thanks to our consumer and nature-friendly products, we leave a livable world to future generations.

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